Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Science and God: Do They Mix?

I love to listen to John Lennox. 
His winsome, humble, yet brilliant mind captivates me and lifts my spirit.
I pray the next generation will produce more like him 
with similar ability to address the issues of the day in such a beautiful way. 

God, help me to better (though, of course, in a far simpler understanding) 
reflect the same type of humble, uplifting spirit, based on the unshakable strength
that comes from trust in a Loving, yet Powerful, Genius - what an understatement!, and Amazing Creator!

I cannot help but think about spending eternity with people like Dr. Lennox...
can you imagine exploring the never-ending realities God has created alongside people like this?

I did not have time to listen to the questions today at the end of the video, 
but the lecture is about 55 minutes long and is so worth your time!

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