Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chip Cookie Worth Eating!

I have made a major diet change for the past 6 weeks. I've cut refined sugar, dairy, gluten, starch, tomatoes, all fruit except apples and berries, and legumes. I'm trying to get my liver and thyroid numbers where they should be. I'll find out this coming week if they're back to normal range so that I can avoid medication if it's possible. 

I wanted to share this cookie recipe which I found in a cookbook I ordered off Amazon. This gluten-free, dairy-free cookie is delectable! Like the author suggests, I purchased my almond flour, coconut flour, palm shortening, and coconut crystals from Amazon. The raw honey I found at Sam's for a more reasonable price than I found elsewhere. 

Even if my numbers don't improve enough to avoid medication, I feel better and have lost several pounds avoiding refined sugar, so I'll likely keep finding ways to use raw honey, maple syrup, coconut crystals, and berries as my sweeteners. 

If you need to avoid gluten and other potentially inflammatory foods, give this recipe a try! It's hard to stop at one cookie! 

(Oh, and by the way, thankfully, my doctor told me I could do a small amount of 70% or darker chocolate. So, I do use regular dark chocolate pieces which have a bit of sugar/dairy. That has been my enabler in making such a drastic diet change!)

Happy Sunday!