Friday, February 17, 2017

Encourage, Lift, and Strengthen

This is one of my favorite Mary Engelbreit drawings. Does it not illustrate a beautiful aspect of the Christian life?  

Day after day, year after year, the teaching of Jesus is validated in my mind as I strive to follow Him, finding deeper and deeper joy as a result.

I am so blessed to be in a church that is fed constantly with life-changing truths from the Bible. We had been studying the book of Romans for over four years. Often in quiet study moments of my day, I will go back over the notes I've taken. This morning I read the following and was so encouraged. 

Romans 13:12 "Cast off the works of darkness, and... put on the armor of light." 
Christ puts everything in perspective that can modify every feeling... Even the loss we feel when someone dies or when we face death. 
Once we fully embrace Jesus and his love for others, we increasingly become aware of our impact on others. 
Do I really care about others? 
My deeds will show if I care for others. 
Look at your tracks. Do you spread misery or joy? 
I can spread misery if I don't discipline and gain control of my feelings. We all affect each other. 
But I can also spread joy! I can be beautiful! I have the potential of unsurpassed beauty. 
Beauty flows from a heart that is pure and wholly given to God. 
The greatest beauty known to man is God's grace in us. Grace - the beauty of the Divine manifested in human flesh. 

Have a wonderful weekend!