Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Twelve Months of Christmas

These are some special young people.
They have amazing memories, they are kind to each other, and they are teachable. 
What a combination!
Kuddos to their parents!

This past week they performed Rachelle's most recent drama,
The Twelve Months of Christmas
They did a splendid job. 
They communicated the meaning behind the words first and foremost.

Rachelle was able to drive down -- 6.5 hours, in the middle of final-exam week -- to hear them perform on Wednesday night. She was overjoyed with how well they did. 

Julia, in blue, is one of our directors. Due to her skills and her heart, Rachelle's writing comes off the page in an amazing way. We are blessed. 

Rebecca, in brown, is our co-director. 
Along with coaching the actors, as does Julia, she is amazing with detailed sets, props, and costumes. 
She helps make our dramas powerful presentations.

Thank You, Julia and Becca for the untold hours you put into these productions! 

Pleasant greeters met us at the front doors. 

An adorable guest. 

The scheming Morris Holland and his very funny side-kicks

The lovely Charlotte Holland

The Victorian sitting room

"Are you okay, Miss Charlotte?
May I help in some way?"

Sweet Penny talking with Charlotte

"I have an idea."

Miss Charlotte and her boarding school students in the sitting room

Three of Charlotte's uncles... a very funny scene

The lawyer, Mr. Lockwood is keepin' an eye on these characters.

Jemima and Eleanor, so cute

What is going on? Who is who?
Who is up to no good, and who is truly good?

The Twelve Months of Christmas is a delightful drama with a wide variety of characters, all with unique personalities. I caught more and more each time I saw the performances.

Thanks, my dear church family for pouring yourselves into yet another Christmas drama.
I pray your efforts will reap eternal benefit for many.

Merry Christmas, everyone!