Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's a Confusing World?

I slip through the stores, looking around quietly from one item to the next. It's great to see some modest, feminine blouses. I guess the designers have worn out the "let's-see-how-little-material-we-can-use-and-still-call-it-a-piece-of-clothing" style or the "how-can-we-make-this-top-look-like-bare-skin" style! I hope I'm right and this new look is around for a while.

I listen and watch and mosey through stores and down sidewalks of an outdoor mall.

Music plays, a young girl singing, "It's a confusing world, a confusing world. It's a confusing world."

"It's a confusing world"?

I remember feeling confusion in late high school and early college days. It was unsettling. My daily duties were hard to perform well because my mind was troubled. I was experiencing feelings and situations I never had before. I didn't know how to process what I was going through. I lost weight. Didn't sleep well. It was difficult to talk about. But I wanted out of the confusion. I wanted peace of mind more than anything else, so I kept listening and thinking and eventually talked to those I believed understood the world better than I did at that point, and after some time, things started to come together. As I more fully understood and embraced the message of Jesus and insisted that my life line up with that understanding, the confusion began to clear up. Naturally, there are times even now when I find myself in a confused state, but it never fails to clear up once I see how the dots are connected, how each situation fits into the bigger picture of what God has going on.

But for people who aren't embracing truth, for people who aren't building their understanding on the revealed mind and will of God, it must remain "a confusing world."

What about this young girl-singer, song-writer? I wonder what kind of life she lives? What about the young man I saw at the coffee shop this morning who was talking about his boyfriend, as though such a discussion and relationship were as normal and acceptable, moral and good as my drinking my cup of clear mountain water since I was thirsty after my morning walk.

"It's a confusing world."

Later, on my way back to our room, I pass the dinging, ringing, clanging slot machines in the lobby of our hotel. I see the weary souls leaning into screens, craving a win, an adrenaline surge, all they know of fun. Most will go away with less money and emptier souls. They drink, even as they pursue their fun to escape what they already feel.

"It's a confusing world."

"How often would I have gathered" you together, "as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not."  Luke 13:34

There is a place where confusion melts away. I pray you, my reader, have found it.