Saturday, April 30, 2016

Our Thirst for Significance: Satisfied

We humans share an insatiable desire for significance, an endless thirsting to be valued, do we not? We strive in innumerable ways to bolster our sense of worth, but never is that craving completely quenched. As I have recognized this endless--potentially vicious--cycle, and at the same time studied the life and words of Jesus, I have come to a place of rest, a peace of mind, a freedom from the unending thirst for worth.

Jesus showed us that we are loved by Him, God, our Creator. He showed us that we are significant, valuable, useful. I find complete and perfect satisfaction as I embrace the way He views me. If I allow my mind to dwell on how people view each other, my peace is lost, and I am caged in the endless cycle of craving, thirsting, grasping for worth. But as soon as my mind is renewed and stayed upon His perspective, rest comes.

To be used--a vessel in His hands, to be valued by Him, this is where worth is. It doesn’t matter how He may choose to use me. Just that He wants to. That makes me significant. My trust in Him brings forth the living water which quenches the thirst.

I would assume you have experienced the phenomena of having something come to your mind that you simply refuse to think on. You just don’t go there. You replace the thought with something else. Well, at a very practical level, that is what I’ve learned to do and it works! After repeatedly refusing to dwell on the wrong perspective--Paul describes it as crucifying the flesh--my mind is transformed, and what God thinks becomes more and more a part of my being.

One thing I love about finding my worth in Him... it enables us to truly see one another as equally valuable. We don’t compare ourselves with one another. We simply rest in Him, knowing that He knows the unique part we are to play, and as we seek Him He helps us find that part.

There's no better way to live! How good our Maker is!