Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What God Can Do: A Life Transformed!

In my late teens, my brother and I began listening to some thought-provoking music (with Christian lyrics) that was outside our parents' comfort zone. At that point, Mom and Dad trusted us to be seeking God and didn't take a legalistic or authoritative approach about such choices. (Thank you, Mother and Daddy! I think that was critical to our development. You were wise.)

Other than Classical music, Keith and I weren't interested in secular music: Rock, Country, Pop, Jazz, or any other genre. We were searching for a deeper understanding of Christianity, and some of the contemporary Christian music of that time truly inspired us. It challenged our minds in a way Gospel and traditional Inspirational music  - so full of familiar cliches - couldn't.

Much of the music we found helpful in the 1980's spoke to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus.

Curt and I were listening to an old Mylon Le Fevre CD on our way home yesterday from Rachelle's Concerto performance, and two of my favorite songs from his Mylon Le Fevere and Broken Heart More album inspired such joy and gratitude. (Shared below: My Heart Belongs to Him and More)

I ran across this inspiring video while looking for a lead sheet for the two songs and wanted to share his testimony. He is from a very different Christian culture than I, but from everything I can tell, he is truly a brother in Christ. I thank God for His life and testimony. I pray God is able to reach many people through him. I hope these songs and interview inspire and encourage you like they do me.