Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Close Do We Want To Be?

We say we want to have a good marriage and that we cherish our spouse, but then, for the life of us, we can't seem to stop holding on to opinions that create distance between us. And so we keep bumbling about, not fully content in our marriage because we lack mental intimacy.

Why do we insist on making ourselves so miserable? Is holding onto opinions really worth sacrificing the joy of a close bond to our sweetheart?

Curt and I laugh at ourselves sometimes because we both are so opinionated and have only in recent years gotten to a new level of progress in stopping the silliness. So many times our opinions are arbitrary. It's just what we happen to prefer. We can feel strongly about things when they really aren't worth it.

As we have started thinking about how much it has to do with our willfulness, it has helped us both to start asking ourselves, "How important is this? Is it worth creating distance between us? Which do I value more, closeness to my best friend and lover or my right to this opinion?"

These questions help dismantle even the strongest preference.

Something so simply true, yet  - at least for us - it didn't come natural.

Here's to a happy, friction-free, opinion-less marriage!