Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rachelle Wins Concerto Competition


Rachelle will be playing two movements (played below by Itzhak Perlman) from the 5th Vieuxtemps violin concerto on March 5th at 8 pm and on March 6th at 3 pm. We are thrilled for her! The Hillsdale College Symphony Orchestra will accompany her.

What a joy it is to see our children and young people applying their energies to self-disciplines that bring something of value and enjoyment to others and bring glory to their Creator! What a wondrous gift, this gift of music!

She will be playing her new Van Zandt violin.

She has worked so hard over the past year to keep improving and refining her skills, and we are deeply grateful for her life and what she is allowing God to make of her. We pray many will be blessed by what He chooses to use her to accomplish.