Monday, February 22, 2016

Master’s Monday: His Grace in My Weakness

             “Heart-inspiring view from the top of one of the Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire."


Have you ever been in a difficult situationone where you had to stand out from the crowd for the sake of conviction? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Im guessing you have. Sometimes, the smallest of situations can feel like the most momentous. 


I ran into one of those situations just yesterday. Ironically, I found myself so worried over trying not to be worried that I could only with difficulty call to mind the reason Id made this decision in the first place. I fought to shed the concern that others would see it as a big deal,” that they would be confused by it, or evenperish the thoughtfeel judged” by my action (perhaps, after all, not the worst thing in the world, but well leave that alone for the moment). I prayed that Jesus would help me see this situation from His perspective, and I honestly felt rather ashamed that this sort of situation” is still apparently such a big deal” for me.


As I prayed for His peace and perspective, these words from a fairly well-known worship song came to my ear:


My weak self displays

The power of Gods grace.

Christs Spirit works within me,

In weakness He is strong.


Wow, I thought, Ive totally missed the point. Its almost humorous to realize how silly and self-focused I have been. Ive been so worried about whether my little decision will upset others, and thats entirely not the issue at hand! I changed my prayer right then and there: Lord, it really is fine if others happen to notice my unusual choice, isnt it? I ask You not that it will pass unnoticed or leave those around me unconfused. Rather, if they notice, I pray that they would see You, Your strength, Your grace, in my little decision. Anyone who knows me will realize that I could never make even this small unfashionable choice without Your spirit working in me and strengthening my weak resolve. I pray that those around me would see in this decision not some determination of mine to stand out from the crowd, but only the power of Your grace flowing through me.


Suddenly, this big deal” shrunk to its proper proportions. No longer was I worried about disrupting” what was going on around me. I was filled with gratitude for the transforming grace of Jesus Christ, powerful enough even to give a little people-pleasing soul like myself the strength to pursue His will with abandon. I was filled with longing that others too might see His grace through whatever medium availableyes, even through my weak self,” if I may in any way help to display the amazing strength of His spirit working within me.