Friday, February 5, 2016

Along The Path

I cannot tell you how many times in recent months I have sat down to write a blog post and not a word would come. Times of growth often set me silent.

When my mind is grappling with concepts I don't fully comprehend, I have to keep processing, sorting, and organizing my thoughts until I can get a sense of where the new information fits into my present understanding. Sometimes a larger chunk of my truth-grid is in question, and it's as though I'm sitting there, turning it over and over in my hands as I contemplate what I'm missing. Such times are unsettling, but I've been through them before, and I know they pass and light is at the end of the tunnel.

I'm growing, and I'm thankful.

We continue to study the New Testament in depth at our church, and this study compels me to ever question my desires, my values, my present understanding.

I think sometimes I spend so much time reading what everybody says about Jesus instead of what He says Himself that I get sidetracked and mislead. Then I go back to the scripture and realize what I just read in a particular book... is not what He's like, not the way He looks at things, not His paradigm of thought.

It takes work to read the Bible and understand it. It's easier to let somebody else tell me what it says, to put it in simpler terms.

As a society, we've been so dumbed down. We don't want to do the hard work of grappling with concepts until we understand them. We are hooked on being spoon-fed. I'm praying God will help me overcome this tendency.

Just one issue I'll mention. I'm realizing more and more how we understand the Old Testament is critical. Many writers do not use Jesus as the grid through which they understand it, and that can be dangerous.

So, I've shared a little bit of where I am on the path. A few words have come. :) I pray something in these few words encourages you to keep walking the walk, seeking truth, and finding joy and contentment as you surrender all to the Man-God who stands above all as worthy of our trust. His beauty of soul ever draws me.