Friday, January 15, 2016

Trip To San Francisco

LaRae and Rachelle with San Francisco in the background.

Last week we made a Wednesday through Sunday trip to San Francisco. Rachelle presented a paper at the Society for Classical Studies Conference, and my brother, Keith - their beloved Greek-geek Uncle, went along with the girls to attend lectures and hear Rachelle's presentation. His wife, Rachel also came along, and she and Curt and I enjoyed -- well, mostly enjoyed -- learning about the city. (I really struggled with all the troubled and enslaved "street-living" souls. It was quite a diverse world and culture shock for me, to say the least.)

The girls had so much fun together.

One morning we visited Muir Park, (below) north of San Francisco. 
It was beautiful; a favorite part of the trip. 

I don't know if the girls had more fun being goofy or if I had more fun watching them!

Tree studier...

Tree hugger... 

They were supposed to be doing a Super-hero march here, but Chelle couldn't quit laughing.

I don't know how many pictures these crazy people took of special effects poses!
They kept me laughing.

This was the day Rachelle presented her paper. 

Curt and I took a Big Bus tour of the city a couple of days and enjoyed it.

The Big Bus ticket also included three walking tours.
This was the Fortune Cookie Factory in China Town.
The following are just various scenes from around the city.

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

Fisherman's Wharf

The entry gate to China Town

Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery... a favorite morning stop.

Incredibly steep hills!

In the evenings, when Keith and the girls were finished with lectures and presentations at the Conference, we enjoyed walking to some great restaurants! San Francisco is known for every imaginable type of cuisine.
That was a fun part of the trip.
We enjoyed the cable car ride on Saturday evening. 

Sunday morning view... very beautiful place... from afar.
It holds a bittersweet essence in my mind.
Don't think I'll ever get over seeing so many lost and hurting people in one city.
It was overwhelming.
The one consolation I have is that God knows about everyone of them,
and He will try to draw them to Himself,
that Hound of Heaven He is!

The Golden Gate Bridge

 I'm thankful I got to go 
but so happy to be home.