Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Two Responses: Which One Will We Choose?

I awakened one day recently with that old, familiar restlessness bouncing around inside of me. Part of me didn't want to do what I had obligated myself to do that day. I had no other pressing obligations, just had some things I wanted to do.

I chatted with Curt as I fixed breakfast and began getting prepared for the day. We talked about the feelings I was experiencing.

Sometimes you just need to speak what you're feeling and hear how it sounds. Do you find that? By the end of our conversation, he and I both knew my feelings were changing. The restless feelings were being killed by my embracing thoughts about those feelings that reflected God's perspective.

It works that way, and I'm so thankful!

It helps me when I consider how such feelings look in somebody else's life. Oh, it's ugly! And I can see it crystal clear in the other person. It's so much harder to see in myself.

I pondered the two ways I could respond to the ugly feelings... I could embrace them and think,

1. "I need to be forgiving, non-judgmental, and affirm other people when they embrace such feelings, because I feel that way sometimes myself." or

I could reject them and think,

2. "I need to crucify this selfishness in my heart. I need to surrender my will to God on this issue and embrace the kind of thinking Jesus exemplified. I need to get the log out of my eye so that I can help someone else get the speck out of his eye should he ask for my help."

Very different responses, aren't they? It strikes me that one is right and wise, the other is blind and certainly not beautiful.

God, help me be wise and right in Your eyes. Help me see myself the way you see me and allow you to continually transform me into the person you intend for me to be. 

You know what? At the end of the day, I reflected back and tried to imagine how I would have felt had I given in to the restlessness. The deep satisfaction, the pure joy of doing what benefited others and what was the will of God for me that day, rather than what my initial feelings would have dictated, is indescribable.

God is so good!