Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rachelle: Hillsdale College Orchestra

Rachelle was concertmistress for the Hillsdale College orchestra concerts this past weekend. We were so delighted for her. She had a long solo in Haydn symphony #103, and she played it beautifully.
(The solo is about 11 minutes in on the linked video.)

Several friends and family drove 6 and 1/2 hours up to Michigan to enjoy the Saturday night concert with us. Thank you, Lora, Dorinda, Kenzie, Kim, and Amanda, as well as Keith, Rachel, Mom, and Dad. 
You all are so dear to us.

My folks went to both the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon concerts with me and Curt.

I'm delighted for Hillsdale College!
The orchestra just seems to keep getting better each year. 
Very few of the orchestra members are music majors. 
They are just incredibly hard-working, dedicated kids, 
and it tends to show up in every area of their lives.

Before the second, Sunday afternoon concert.

Proud Papa

Me and Rachelle with one of her lovely friends, Emily.

 Goodbye hugs are always treasured shots. 
It won't be long, and she'll be home for Christmas!