Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LaRae Joins the Oxford University Orchestra

LaRae auditioned and has been offered a position in the Oxford University Orchestra. She has also been asked to join some smaller chamber groups. At least one of the chamber groups performs in the beautiful and historical Christ Church Cathedral. What a privilege.

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, UK
Below is a video of the Oxford University Orchestra from 2012. 

Not being a music major, I wondered if LaRae would be able to take time for her violin, but after looking carefully at scheduling, she decided she'd be more productive if she joined at least three groups she was offered positions in. (Here's hoping nobody else asks her to join something!)

When I reflect on it, it does seem like the more she packs into her schedule (within a certain limit that only she can figure out!) the more productive she is. I just shake my head and smile.

I also ran across this charming video which compares Oxford and Cambridge. The aerial photography is lovely. So much history... what a place to learn!

Ever grateful!