Tuesday, October 20, 2015

LaRae: Concertmistress of the Oxford University String Ensemble

Numerous ones have expressed interest in knowing about LaRae's chamber music involvement at Oxford. She has been asked to lead the Oxford University String Ensemble as concertmistress.

She likely won't tell her Hillsdale friends and faculty about the details of such an honor, so I will. :)

We feel deep gratitude for Melissa Knecht, her violin instructor at Hillsdale College, Emily Ho, her high school violin instructor--of the St. Louis Symphony, and Fairya Mellado, her beloved--early childhood through age 14--violin instructor.

Thanks to you all! Your legacy goes on to bless others through LaRae and through many other students as well! I just saw one of Fairya's talented violin students judging our district IMEA this past Monday. Metiney Moore was an inspiration to our girls when they were together in Fairya's studio. What wonderful memories we have of those days!

LaRae was also invited and will join the Oxford Chamber Orchestra, comprised of "mostly... graduate students, staff, and ex-members of the university."

I was able to attend every orchestra concert while she was at Hillsdale College--Curt made almost every one--but I'm afraid our record will have to be broken now that she's across the pond! Although, we're still happily planning to keep enjoying every Hillsdale orchestra concert this year and next because Rachelle is still there! :)

The gift of music is one of the many gifts for which I say, "Thank You, God!"