Saturday, August 15, 2015

Responding to Hurt and Disappointment

Not long ago I was explaining how one of my girls had been mistreated. I was sharing my frustration with a mentor who has given me lots of helpful advice over the years. I expressed how I felt sorry for my daughter, that she had handled the situation with grace and I certainly was deeply grateful for that, but that I just hated she had to go through it.

My mentor smiled and said,

"It's good for her. It'll build her character."


Long               pause...

"Oh," I halted.

I sat quietly thinking about how disappointments and hurts shaped me over the years. I realized that because my family helped me respond appropriately, I was able to come through them a stronger, more Christ-dependent, healthy soul. I thought about people I've known for many years who didn't have guidance to navigate successfully through hurts and disappointments and how it has shaped them into broken, conflicted souls.

"You're right," I responded out of my contemplation. "You're exactly right."

Life brings hurtful situations to everyone of us. How we respond to them can make all the difference.

Abba, help us never forget this truth, and thank You for people who speak truth into our lives!