Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LaRae's Hillsdale Graduation Weekend

LaRae, Little sister, and friends on her Senior recital made beautiful music for us to enjoy!
LaRae and her first violin student from Hillsdale, Emily, played the "Bach double."

The red touches are in memory of Grandpa Ferguson.
Red was his favorite color.
Last Hillsdale Orchestra Concert for LaRae
Talking to friends and family after the orchestra concert
Graduation 2015, Hillsdale College
34 friends and family joined us for the various weekend events
How can it be? 
If you'd enjoy hearing any of the commencement address or President Arnn's kind words about LaRae, here is the link to listen. http://hillsdale.edu/events/2015-graduation 

Michael Ward's commencement address was excellent. (He is a C. S. Lewis scholar and author of "Planet Narnia.") President Arnn is worth hearing as well. He speaks so kindly about LaRae around 6.42 minutes in. Her walk across the platform to receive her diploma is at 1:23:30. She was one of the top 10 students in her class, graduating with a summa cum laude GPA. We deeply appreciate her self-discipline and love of learning.

It was a wonderful weekend.