Friday, April 24, 2015

What We Are Capable Of

I sit quietly at the coffee shop.

A heartbreaking story floods my mind.

My eyes well with drops that threaten to overflow.

We humans are capable of such good, such beauty --

Yo-Yo plays on.

But we are also capable of deepest, darkest treachery. 

The contrast slams me against the wall.

The cello cries.

We underestimate the evil that lies in the heart of every newborn baby.

We are blinded by the innocence, the potential for good.

We don't see evil for what it is.
That inborn-bend toward doing our own will.
That pursuit of whatever brings us pleasure no matter the cost.

Wherever there is a human will, the potential for unspeakable evil is present.

Our homes are a mission field, dear parents, and we must stay ever diligent at helping our children see the evil that lurks within their hearts.

They need to see how the tiniest acts of selfishness are the seeds of murder.

They must be trained to recognize what they are capable of and how to submit every thought, every desire to the will of God.

We must actively pursue and model and discuss how we are doing this ourselves as parents. The next generation needs to know we are in this thing together, and that God is able to help us if we will let Him. 

I am praying for every parent, every child, 
every family I can think of. 

May He guide you into wisdom and goodness, 
healing and life.