Friday, March 20, 2015

How Do We Stay Close to God?

If you feel your walk with God is lifeless, if you are depressed, repeatedly finding yourself going back to the same old destructive habits, I recommend YouTube videos of Dallas Willard. So far, everything I've heard from him has included nugget after nugget of incredibly life-transforming truth.

This little video clip -- only 6 minutes long -- is power-packed with perspective that is healthful and helpful. He shares a bit of his daily habits with regard to communion with God.

As always, you have to listen carefully -- sometimes re-listening several times -- to take in what he means by the words he says. He is a brilliant man, and his statements are packed and deeply thought through.

If you are hungry to know that God is for you and with you, take the time to watch this one as well. I put an apron on as I go about my housework, put my phone in the pocket, my headphones on, and feast on these videos--just listening of course. They are so helpful.

Wishing all the world Jesus and what He reveals about our Creator!