Saturday, March 21, 2015

Giving Your All

So many thoughts on my mind these days... and yet there's little I can openly talk about at this point.

Curt and I are enjoying our days. We continue working, learning more and more about ourselves, and more and more about what God wants us to be. Change continues to happen in our lives. It is for our good, and we are grateful.

The little girl who came into our world in February of 1994 is about to make a decision which will affect the rest of her life. She is deciding which graduate school offer to accept. She has been offered some amazing options, and deciding isn't easy. She and I will make one more big visit, and then the decision will have to be made.

As a parent of a young adult, my biggest job is to pray for wisdom for her and try to answer any questions she asks. At times Curt and I observe and give her things to consider in her prayerful pondering, but we know we cannot make the decision for her. God must help her, and we trust Him to do so.

I know what they mean when they say, "having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body." We want for our children whatever is best for them in God's eternal kingdom. We trust He will give them direction and we rest in that trust.

As LaRae prays, ponders, visits, and soon makes a decision, her little sister continues to bless us with amazing writing and wit and diligent study in her areas of interest. She has become a unique and special person--as are all children--and she does not dwell in the shadow of her sister. We are thankful for her commitment to be all that God wants her to be and for her contentment and ability to rejoice over her sister's accomplishments without feeling threatened.

God is good. As we study His Word and embrace His perspective to the best of our understanding, life remains meaningful and truly beautiful.

I cannot encourage young parents enough to put all the energy you have in those early years of training your children. Study every book and video program (about your own spiritual development, parenting, and homeschooling--if you've chosen that route) that you can get your hands on, and give your all. Ask others for perspective, for wisdom, for insight. We gained so much help from others as well as from books and videos.

Of course, we have to make sure our motives are right. What we do in every area of life has to be for the eternal good of ourselves and for those in whom we invest. And no matter how right our motives are, if we aren't diligently seeking wisdom, we will likely not find ourselves or our children where we hope to be once those parenting years are completed.

May God give you wisdom, may you find people in your life to help you see the blind spots you have--we all have them--and may you find deep joy as you give your all in your pursuit of God and all that is good.