Friday, February 27, 2015

Becoming A Disciple of Jesus

"What if our churches really did teach people to do the things Jesus said?" asks Dallas Willard.
Above is yet another inspiring video that challenges me to be a true disciple.

And then followed an experience impossible to describe. It was as if I had been blundering about since my birth with two huge and unmanageable machines, or different shapes and without apparent connection--the world and the Christian tradition. I had found this hole in the world: the fact that one must somehow find a way of loving the world without being worldly. I found this projecting feature of Christian theology, like a sort of hard spike, the dogmatic insistence that God was personal, and had made a world separate from Himself. The spike of dogma fitted exactly into the hole in the world--it had evidently been meant to go there--and then the strange thing began to happen. When once these two parts of the two machines had come together, one after another, all the other parts fitted and fell in with an eerie exactitude. I could hear bolt after bolt over all the machinery falling into its place with a kind of click of relief. Having got one part right, all the other parts were repeating that rectitude, as clock after clock strikes noon.
G.K. Chesteron

Wishing you the joy of following Jesus!