Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmastime 2014

Dad, Mom, and Rachelle on Christmas day at Aunt Rachel and Uncle Keith's
I've taken far too few pictures over the holidays so far. 
I'm savoring every present moment to the point that it's difficult to think of anything else.

I do have several shots from the church drama earlier this month.

The cast: "The Flight Before Christmas."
Sweet friends and lovely ladies: LaRae, MacKenzie, Amanda, and Rachelle
They played the obnoxious carolers since they were too busy this year to take
any parts. Of course, Rachelle and MacKenzie wrote the script--before their
college semester began in September. ;)

LaRae, before the drama


Duane, capturing memories, and Sophia


Dorinda, creating Granny Olivia

Delightful kiddos... they all learned and performed their parts so well. I'm deeply grateful for their parents who are so committed, dedicated, and disciplined. It benefits their families, our church family, and many visitors.
It takes quite a crew to make the dramas happen.

Micah became his character: the young boy who is a big brother, who takes care of his little sister,
and is quite wise about a lot of things, but is a little over- obsessed with safety issues. :)
The goofy airline pilot... Joe
Josiah C. and Emma had lots of lines, but played their parts well as did all the others.
 Rachelle created a flight attendant
patterned after one we had on a Southwest flight.
Sophia played the very funny, controlling, and legalistic, knowing-even-code-numbers part.
That untrained child on every plane... you know what I'm talking about, right?
And then there were obnoxious salesmen on the plane!
Grace and Jubilee were a part of the home scene.
Becca decorated the home scene so beautifully. I enjoyed looking at the set.
It made my eyes happy.  ;)
Boy, but did these characters ever have issues with wrapping presents! ;)

The obnoxious carolers!

Jubilee and Jonathan, sister and brother, played the mom and dad in the home scene.

Those carolers kept coming back!

Then came cousin Arthur...

Oh boy! Very funny stuff, Rachelle and Mackenzie. 

Arthur and Granny, two delightful characters!

Arthur and his confusion over his socks... great script writing, Kenz!

It was a delightful drama. Thanks to all involved and all who came to see it!
It certainly blessed my heart. 
Our two drama directors, Rebecca and Julia,
along with several of the cast members.
Thanks, Becca and Julia!
How blessed we are to have you!

May your days be filled with God's presence 
and may the time spent over the holidays with those you hold dear bring you ever closer to Him.