Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Drama: Everyone is welcome!

Christmas will look a little different this year for the Osborne family ― much to their surprise!

It’s Christmas Eve, and their oldest son Tyler finally boards his plane for home, exhausted after six months on the mission field and eager to see his family again. During the flight, however, he meets an assembly of quirky characters in his fellow passengers, some amusing and some irritating, but all in need of a Father’s love.

Meanwhile, at home the Osborne family bustles to finish preparations for Christmas Day and their son’s homecoming. Mrs. Osborne looks forward to a quiet family Christmas this year; but a couple of uninvited visitors arrive, and she finds herself suddenly thrust into a situation quite unlike the one she had envisioned.

And when a snowstorm threatens to prevent Tyler’s flight home, the Osbornes are all compelled to question their pleasant expectations of having a simple family Christmas ― and must reexamine their understanding of family itself.

Synopsis, Story Concept, and Characters: Rachelle Ferguson
Script: Rachelle Ferguson, MacKenzie Branch, and Julia Thomas
Directors: Julia Thomas and Rebecca Hoard
Sound: Keith Bailey
Lighting: Steve Hoard
Prop Set: Keith and Rachel Bailey, Matt Thomas, Dan Miller, Curt Ferguson, and Dorinda Everett
Graphic design for invitation, banner, and program: Dorinda Everett

Hope you can join us!