Friday, October 10, 2014

Business Trip Contemplation

We pass through the hotel casino headed for our room after an evening meal.

Making our way through the crowd, we keep it all a blur at a distance.
Curt has gotten good at that over the years.
How grateful I am for a man who cherishes me with every fiber of his being.

At the elevator we are in line behind two clowns--
Halloween a little early, I suppose.
Drinks in hand--obviously not the first ones for the night--they ride to the 20th floor.
 Bold, uninhibited, and pitiful.

Drowning their emptiness in the liquid, they shuffle off down the hall.

I look up at Curt, and he understands why my eyes spill sorrow.

Everywhere in this dark place, 
weathered, broken-down, washed-out, shattered people. 
It hurts to see them. 
Like the pilot I read about recently,* 
they are flying upside down and don't even know it.

What if I had not had the influence of Jesus seared into my soul?
What if I had not had guidance to steer me around land mines scattered over the landscape of life?

I hate sin.
I hate the consequences of sin.
I long for the world to be fresh and new and remade into what God intended.

My prayer is that He will help me be a part of His eternal kingdom, 
and that He will help me know who I can bring with me!

*Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy Chapter 1, page 1


  1. I am enjoying your blog so much, Laura. My heart would feel so like yours if I was on that elevator in your place. It is such a privilege to know God in the spirit of holiness. One of the most sacred blessings of living for Him is to have His spirit truly engrained on the inside ~ which makes it a blessing to have that spirit manifest itself on the outside. That truly brings sweet peace to my heart and gives purpose to life.

    1. I'm so glad, LinDal. Thank you for letting me know. What joy to find kindred spirits!