Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feel Speak; Real Speak Drama

The youth at our church camp present a drama each year. In recent years a few of the teen girls have helped write the scripts. The concept they tried to portray this year had to do with our human potential for self-deception. While it was a humorous play, it carried a serious message, a potentially life-changing message. 

I say life-changing because I know what happened to me when I realized for the first time I could be dishonest with myself. Coming to grips with this reality began a change in me that continues to this day. While I had made my decision to follow Christ years before, so much of my growth in Him was hindered by the fact that I did not realize I was deceiving myself in some areas. 

Prayer before the drama
In this year's drama the terms "feel speak" and "real speak" were used. Understanding what the writer's meant by these terms is crucial to grasping the message of their play. "Feel speak" was the actual words spoken by each character. "Real speak" was the translation of the thoughts behind the spoken words. "Real speak" also revealed potential motives behind what was thought but not said.

Numerous scenarios were acted out. A team of "feel speakers" acted first, each time displaying what actually might be said in a given setting. For instance, a child is wanting to spend a day with someone who isn't the best influence on him. He comes to his mom and says a variety of things to manipulate her into giving him permission to do what he wants. In response, Mom tries to postpone the decision by suggesting they ask Dad. When child presses the issue and butters Mom up a little more, she finally gives in and lets him do what he wants even though she is concerned it isn't the best thing for him. You can probably imagine the way the "feel speak" went. But the "real speak" is where we may cringe as we come face to face with our natural tendencies. Mom is shown to be thinking/feeling, "I hate to say no to my baby... I want him to like me... I'll put the decision on his dad so I can be the good parent... Oh, his pleading eyes are just too much for me to resist... " deeper and deeper the real speak probes into the natural thoughts and feelings we can experience. 

After the play there was some discussion around the campground. I think many felt like, while the kids had communicated a deeply probing truth about self-deception, some of us weren't totally satisfied that the idea had been fully fleshed out. I have been pondering it a lot the past few days, and after thinking and then talking to two of the script writers, I realized it is important to note this drama wasn't intended to deal with how we change as we allow Christ to live through us. Maybe that will come in a future drama. This drama was about the reality of self-deception, a starting point for coming to Christ and learning to think as He thought. 

Have a wonderful week, and may we all see ourselves as we are so that we can continually change, so that we can ever better be made into His beautiful image!