Tuesday, August 12, 2014

25th Wedding Anniversary

Today was our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
I'm 50 this year--Curt will be in January, so for half  of our lives we have been building our relationship.
What a deep joy it is to continue studying Jesus together, studying ourselves, and studying each other so that we can know what we (naturally) are, what we need to be, what each other needs, and then with God's help, each of us changing more into His image with every passing day so that we can love each other and others better. 

I recommend this way of relationship building!!! I've never experienced anything more deeply fulfilling. I'm ever grateful for a husband who is devoted to his relationship to God first, and then his relationship to me. 

Our dear sister in law, Rachel along with our girls planned a celebration for us this past Sunday. What a pleasure it was to have many from our church family join us to celebrate.

Thank you to each one who came! Your love and mutual commitment to grow in Christ adds more to our lives than you can probably even imagine. We love and appreciate you all.

The cake was beautiful and delicious.
Thanks, Shelli MacIntosh!

My favorite (and only) brother, Keith. :)
and lifetime friend, Steve. We missed his family who were helping
take care of a grandpa in Kansas.

Some of our favorite ladies.
My mama, longtime friend, June, new friend, Flossie, and Curt's mother.

My daddy

The girls sneaked around the house, even up to attic
and drug out lots of pictures to display from the past 25 years.

Some they had never seen before. It was fun to look back.

Our maid of honor, Dorinda got us our dream RV, an Airstream!

I love these kiddos

and these folks

and these
Dorinda on left and sister in law, Carma on right.
Kind a love them too. ;)

Lora took some pictures for us. 


and her sweet friend and co-writer
of our dramas at church and camp, MacKenzie.
It was a beautiful celebration and a memory I will always cherish.
Thanks again, Rachel, LaRae, Rachelle, and all!

and Curt