Monday, June 30, 2014

Joyous Summer Days

Does this help explain why we love to visit Jackson, WY every summer?

I was reading in 2 Peter the other day and came across the verses that talk about the earth and heavens being dissolved someday in fervent heat. Peter tells us God is eventually going to make a new earth and new heavens "wherein dwelleth righteousness." I'm all for that! I look forward to that day ... but back to the Grand Tetons and their breathtaking beauty ... if what I see in this picture is going to be burned up, dissolved in fervent heat, what glorious sights are to come? It pretty much boggles my mind. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

We have had an incredibly busy summer so far. It has been full of joyous days. It is so good to have the girls home. I don't have much time for the Internet these days, but come fall, I'm sure I'll be writing more again. I trust you all are enjoying wonderful summer days filled with many joys!