Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Mind of Your Child: What Is Going On In There?

By heart, I mean the mind, the true self;
not Disney's version of heart,
which is really just our feelings and emotions ... 
as though they are reliable ... I don't think so. 

Could it be that we Christian parents sometimes lose our children
because we fail to adequately train what is essential,
that which is invisible to the human eye?

Surely, we are only capable of training what we ourselves understand and embrace.

Maybe we don't fully understand what it is to have a moment-by-moment eternal perspective?

 Do we understand ourselves enough to see if the core of our being
is truly invested in the invisible or if the way we are thinking and living our lives is communicating to our children that the "now" is as important or more important than the "not yet"?

If we fail to realize that we can fool ourselves (it's as easy as breathing!) we and our families are bound to get hurt. We have to continually watch ourselves, examine our lives, examine our minds, 
and see if we are being consistent to the words we speak, the things we say we value.

Where is my heart?
Where do I find joy?
Where do I spend my time,
My money,
My energy?
What thrills me?
What motivates me?
What do I look forward to most?
What upsets or concerns me most?

Young parents, look at your child and consider:

Where is his heart?
What brings him joy?
Where does he want to spend his time,
His money,
His energy?
What thrills him?
What motivates him? 
What does he look forward to most?
What upsets him most?

If we hope to train the next generation to the essential,
It is critical that we understand ourselves first, and then we must get inside the mind of our children and figure out what is going on in there.

May God Give Each Of Us Wisdom!