Friday, May 23, 2014

My Mama

I wish you all could know my mama.
I wish you could spend a few days around her.

She has lived in the presence of her Abba since she was 10 years old, a little girl from a home where her alcoholic father died when she was four, after which her gentle-natured mother married again--a second alcoholic.

I've heard my mama was a "motor-mouth" when she was little... that tickles me. It is not the way I have known her. Sure, she is comfortable chatting with about anyone, but at home she was generally quiet, busy, and happy, and certainly wasn't one to demand attention like you might expect of a motor-mouth.

I learned so much from my mama, even though a lot of what I learned was from silent observation. She talked ... I remember hearing her say, "Beauty is as beauty does," or "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." She was often quietly singing to or about Jesus as she worked.

I don't remember my mama sitting much at all. She was always busy.

I cannot recall her crying one time. She wasn't moody or grouchy or impatient. She cared about everyone.
Neighborhood children often came to our door for cookies or a drink.

She babysat a couple of children during some of my growing up years. We were told years later that her love and example helped shape their lives. I understand that.

My mama understood what it meant to have the "river of life flowing within" as Jesus promised to all who would drink. She daily drank from that living water and therefore was never looking for other people or things to make her happy.

She had tapped into the eternal happiness source. 

She has never once made me feel like she was living her life through me or sucking life out of me. She never once has had expectations of me to meet her needs. She is one of the closest living human examples of Jesus I ever knew.

Mama, thank you for your beautiful life.

I love you.