Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mode Camp Work Retreat 2014: Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend with church family working at our campground.
I love to be with these people--some of the dearest people in the world!
We arrived Friday evening.
Did lots of raking, mulching, mowing, cleaning, digging, repairing ...
fellowshipping and eating! :)
We had an ice cream social Friday evening.
You can see who got one of the beaters! ; )
My dear sister in law, Rachel
served us yummy delights for every meal!
Love my sweet friends, Stephanie, Julia, and Lora
Around the fire before bedtime ... cherished memories!
Dinner bell ... a lovely sound to hard-working people! 
At it again ... on a gorgeous Saturday
Mr. Matt shows these hard-workin' kiddos what needs to be done to old mulch. 

Dorinda Rae, mowin' away!
dead trees cut down


Time for work, but also time for laughter, play,
serious discussions, and meaningful Bible study.

How blessed we are to have honorable men leading their families faithfully.

Why not get creative?!

My dad (at almost 81) is still contributing whatever he possibly can!
What an inspiration he is!

He didn't do this for a long time ... but he had to show us he could still do it.
  : D

Gotta rest those weary bones more often these days! :)

Sweet Kenz.
I think she missed LaRae and Rachelle like I did. : (
They're almost done with summer classes though!
I have such lovely friends.
I am deeply grateful for them.
Micah-boy brings us all lots of delight. 

new water fountain going in ...
Never know what all will get accomplished at our Mode work retreats!

Diligent kiddos!
So proud of them and thankful for them!
Thanks to their precious parents who are
training them "in the way they should go."
Hopefully, the repaired water-house is now mouse-proof!
At day's end yesterday, what a joy it was to see all that had been accomplished.
Love you all--you know who you are--and appreciate your hard work!