Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Is My Influence Producing?

Who do you influence most?
What is the product of your influence?

Are those not scary words?

I still remember the first time I recognized an ugly trait in my firstborn, and upon reflection it hit me full-face--
"That is You, Laura." 

I was looking in a mirror, and it wasn't a pretty picture.

It broke my heart to see this reflection of myself and what I was producing, and I was determined to change.
By nature, I am a gotta-fix-it kind of person--the sooner the better!

I went full-force into praying and seeking help. I made myself accountable. I did whatever it took to change this behavior I was passing on to my precious little girl. If there was any way to change, I was going to do it.

Thank God, He is able to help us continually work toward transformation.
Some things can be altered quite quickly, others take time and practice.
But the reality that we are able to be transformed if we want to brings
hope and joy to life!

I still am examining myself to see what my influence is producing. I still find ways I need His help for further change. Thankfully, He is patient and kind, but He is also an incredible motivator. The life Jesus lived looms ever before me and challenges me to keep pondering my path, checking to see what effect I am having, and as I understand, working to change what doesn't accurately reflect the beauty of the Man who says He came to Earth to show us what God is like and what He wills for us.