Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rachelle's Poem: Two Men and A Rainy Evening

Two Men and a Rainy Evening

A man with a black umbrella
walks down an alley
in the rain.
A rotting, collapsing alley
with corroded iron street lamps
glaring fearfully through the wet gloom
and ugly black knockers on each door
and a sickly orange flower
in the box outside a second-story window
with cracked, scratched shutters
and grime-flecked panes
revealed by harsh light within.
The drizzling rain
falls in pitiful spatters,
drooling over the gutters,
dripping and seeping down the naked walls,
pooling in dents of the sidewalk.
The man shivers and huddles
in the shadow of his umbrella,
and scurries on his way.

Soon after,
a man with no umbrella
walks down the alley
in the rain.
The faded, battered alley
with old-fashioned lampposts
shyly glowing through the misty dusk
and antique brass knockers on each door
and one heroic marigold
living outside a big square window
with chipped red shutters thrown wide
and light rippling out through its panes.
The rainshower
sprinkles lightly all around,
trickling over the eaves,
plopping onto the sidewalk in quick drops,
forming puddles for children to splash.
The man looks around him
with his hands in his pockets
and the rain soaking his hair,
and ambles on his way.

© 2014 Rachelle E. Ferguson

I'm enjoying Rachelle's poetry. This one makes me smile.