Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Parenting: Will You Lose Your Children?

Curt and I just finished listening to Nabeel Qureshi's new book, Seeking Allah Finding Jesus. What a great read! I cried a lot. It. was. so. real. As we listened, I often felt I was before the Father, close and hope-filled as Nabeel shared his story. 

Thank You, Abba for Your love and for this young man who wanted truth more than anything else! 

It's so inspiring to hear of people who are willing to pay any price in order to embrace The Truth. Such people are rare. 

Upon listening to the book, Curt and I enjoyed our typical long discussion time. One critical topic relates to our family and to parenting in general. 

Nabeel was raised by loving, devout Muslims. He was American born though his parents originally immigrated from Pakistan. His parents faithfully passed on to their children what they had been taught. Curt and I could relate to this. However, if I understand correctly, Nabeel's parents did not pursue active study of primary sources with an open mind to truth. They accepted what they were given without careful, personal examination. From a parenting perspective, this was their downfall in losing their son to Christianity. (Needless to say, I believe, had they done their own honest and intensive search, they too would have walked away from Islam. But that's beside my point here.) 

As I ponder this reality and watch our girls as they interact with various perspectives on a college campus, I am ever grateful for the people who helped us see the importance of digging into primary sources and of studying opposing ideas in philosophy and religion--even various sects within Christianity, so that we could come to the best understanding possible before our girls went off into the big world. I believe because we exposed them (with the help of our dear church family) to as many arguments and opposing worldviews as we knew and carefully worked through the reasons we embrace what we do, it prepared them for few--if any--surprises. 

The beautiful thing about believing there is ultimate truth and in realizing we will never have it fully comprehended in this life is that we can bring our children to where we are, and then we can enjoy the process of their digging, searching, analyzing, and questioning (from a motive that wants truth more than anything; this is key, of course) and together we can continue developing our mutual understanding. What a joy!

I just want to encourage parents! Model a will that is broken before God, completely surrendered in absolute trust. Seek Him above all else. Model a pursuit of truth at any cost. Model a joining with other like-minded people in such pursuit, and watch with deepest joy as your children join the mission!