Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Poet: Sestina on a Violin

Rachelle wrote this beautiful Sestina last year for an online class. 
Hope you enjoy it!

Sestina on a Violin:
Portraits of Song

Music from my violin shimmers.

Trembling hands, vibrato quivers;

Four slim gymnasts—fingers dancing.

ƒ-shaped mouths with vivid voices

Sweetly sing in lilting colors,

Pulsing, vibrant strings all spinning.

Like a weaver softly spinning

Strands of rainbow into shimmers

Of an hundred shades and colors:

Threads a-flicker, each one quivers—

Loom a-laughing, merry voices

Clicking, clacking—threads all dancing.

Like an artist—paintbrush dancing

Across a canvas, spectrum spinning,

Flower garden: glossy voices

Chant in hues of song, each shimmers,

In a choir of pastel quivers.

The artist’s harmony is colors.

Like a dancer showing colors

In the song—a dazzling dancing

Rainbow: twirls, then halts and quivers,

Pirouettes and skips off spinning

Down the floor; her fine dress shimmers,

Shivers, whispers in hushed voices.

Like a chorus—lustrous voices

Painting song in quartet colors.

From soprano, cold it shimmers,

Down to alto, tenor—dancing

Slowly—waits at bass; still spinning

Through the octaves, each note quivers.

Like an author: pencil quivers

As the vital, valiant voices

Surge inside his mind—all spinning

Stories in exotic colors.

Harlequin, his words keep dancing;

Musical, his meaning shimmers.

My hand quivers, fingers dancing:

Four strings spinning, breathing colors,

Waking voices. Music shimmers.

© 2013 Rachelle Evonne Ferguson