Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ever Grateful: Update on Our Girls

The Face-time ring quickens my pulse.

"It's the girls!"

Curt joins me on the couch. Can't miss those moments. Those smiles. Those exciting play by play events of the day. It's like we experience college life with them ... well, almost.

They're so good to share with us. They say they look forward to it ... They say, "You really love us!" ... I think we are blessed.

Their schedules are always nearby. They hang on the little brown bulletin board beside my desk. That way I can imagine where they are throughout the day.

I just filed their transcripts from last semester. Couldn't be a prouder momma. Such hard-working girls. All A's again, and lots of hours, which means lots of learning! 

This is LaRae's 6th semester out of 8 at Hillsdale. How can it be? She started German this semester and is loving it. Keeps advancing her study of Latin and Greek. Her hope is to be comfortable reading German and French along with her more advanced study of Latin and Greek so that she has more scholarship opportunities for graduate studies--that's what her adviser recommended. She will probably end up a Latin and Greek major for her Bachelor degree. 

Rachelle is off to a great start--now in her second semester. Loves her classes and finds professors a joy to interact with after having spent so much time digging out of the books on her own during high-school years. She continues to love writing and reading--will probably major in English--but is studying violin and piano, orchestra and chamber music, and violin pedagogy. She hopes to start teaching a few violin students next semester. Her 400 level Latin courses are going splendidly. She tutors Latin at the Hillsdale Academy, a classical high school affiliated with the college. She's studying Augustine's writing, both in Latin and in English this semester in two separate classes. His influence on modern Christianity is fascinating to her, and she wants to get a better grasp of the specifics. 

If you are in the middle of child-rearing, home-educating years, and you are weary, don't give up! Keep plugging away, and most of all, love your children as best you know how. It sure is paying off for us.

Ever grateful,