Friday, December 13, 2013

Thoughts of Change at Christmastime

Do you find that as your life progresses your perspective changes?

Do you ever look back at a journal you've written or a blog post (if you blog) and realize, "Whoa! I don't remember thinking that! Wonder what was going on in my life that pushed me that direction in thought?"

Since I often write my thoughts down, I experience this from time to time, and it never fails to make me step back, contemplate, and try to better understand where I presently am more fully.

I experienced this recently after writing my "Advent" post. A few years ago I read something about "Advent" that struck me from a different angle and I wrote in a small publication about "Advent" thoughts that were from a more positive perspective. (Still not in a liturgical sense... that is a theme woven into my blood that I doubt will ever change. I pray my Catholic friends or others who have liturgy-based church services will understand I am not declaring liturgy helps no one. I am saying it isn't for me.) I happened upon that small publication this morning and had to smile. Funny how life's experiences bring us to different angles of thought.

I've enjoyed going with Curt on business trips lately since the girls are both away at college. I finally was home long enough this past week to get some Christmas decor up. LaRae and Rachelle will be heading home this weekend (I can hardly wait!) and they love for the house to be decorated for Christmas.

What a joy to have cold weather and snow stay around for a while and not immediately turn into slop! And there's more coming!!! (I'm just praying we get the girls home safely through it all.)

I did something totally different on the mantle this year... went with my nativity instead of stockings, lights, and greenery. The bareness of it reminds me of the cold, barren world Jesus came into, but then the warmth He brought!

I trust you are enjoying these days looking forward to time with family and friends and remembering in a special way the difference Christ's coming makes for the world!

May every day be filled with an awareness of God with us!