Monday, December 9, 2013

Meaningful Christmas Drama

We have such an incredible team of drama coaches, writers, actors, sound and light folks, prop and set people. I'm deeply grateful for everyone in our church family who gives so much to bring meaningful drama to our community at Christmastime.

This year our Rachelle wrote the children's play. It's very funny, cute, and is simple enough for even little ones to get the message. She did a great job and so did all those involved. The older play was co-written by one of Rachelle's dearest friends, Mackenzie and Julia Thomas, our teen drama coach. This play is deeply meaningful, and the acting was superbly done last night. It brought me to tears as my heart rejoiced in the truth of the message.

There will be two more performances. Tuesday evening at 6:30, Dec. 10 and Wednesday, Dec. 11, same time. All are welcome! You will be encouraged.

Thank you, Lora, for the lovely pictures!