Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marriage: The Giving, The Beauty

I don't say a lot about my wonderful marriage or my dear husband. I am blessed and deeply cherish Curt, but I always want to be sensitive to my single friends. I never want my words to suggest we can only be happy when married. I don't believe that. I am convinced--for I have been both single and married and happy in both instances--that happiness does not come from outside us. It flows from within due to a right relationship with God. If we are not happy single, we will not be happy married. 

However, given the state of our world with regard to marriage and happiness, I am compelled to proclaim, we can have incredibly meaningful marriages if we do them right! Jesus Christ knew what He was talking about. He knows how we work. He knows how to help us have beautiful relationships. He knows what will produce lasting happiness within us. The longer Curt and I share life, the more I see Jesus reflected in him. Selflessness, preoccupation with the needs of others, and a general sensitivity to care for all people emanates from him. I respect and admire him, and he inspires me to live in like manner.

It is beyond me why so much of the world will not acknowledge the disaster they continually make of marriage. What a mess. "I need someone to make me happy. I want someone to meet my needs and desires. Marriage is about my fulfillment." We see all around us what this mentality produces. 

I recently linked on Facebook to a blog post about marriage. While this young man may have a slightly different paradigm, I certainly can concur when he says, "the more you truly love that person, the more love you receive."

Curt and I have found this to be true. The words of Jesus come to mind, "Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over..." Luke 6:38

The giving, of course, doesn't work if we are giving to get. If we have chosen to trust Jesus and live accordingly, we will give up the hope of "getting." We will give because He has given all for us. We will give because we are so indebted and are so grateful. We will give because we simply trust Him when He says this is the way to live.

My experience confirms, "Yes! Jesus is right!"

I love you, Curt. Thank you for choosing to be Abba's child, a man after His heart.

Thank You, Abba. I owe You everything.