Thursday, October 17, 2013

What About Change?

I took this shot when Curt and I flew home from Orlando earlier this month. I needed it today... 
 (The political arena could depress me were I not strong-minded and convinced of a better world to come!) 

John 16:33 caught my eye this morning.
"In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." 

I've been sick this week--some virus, I guess.
But, I've had lots of time to sit and read and think--between coughing fits that is.
Hopefully, I'm getting to the end of it so I don't spread it to my girls when we go up this weekend for parent's weekend. 

We recently had a Wednesday night study on "change" referring to what happens on this journey with Jesus. It was inspiring. We live in a world where the emphasis is not on change; it is about accepting and affirming people where they are. But as we looked at the scripture we were asking, To what extent should we anticipate a person will change when becoming a Christian?  How much can a person change? How much should I change? 

 It was pointed out that we all can think of people we would want to change before we would welcome them into our family or circle of friends. Before we would put them in a trusted position, we would want to see some significant changes in their life. But what is God looking for? Is it a valid perspective to impress on people the need to change? Is the message of Jesus a message of change?

....more to come