Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love of Another Kind

The girls are doing well. Already, in just 2 and 1/2 weeks, 
they have had visits from Uncle Dan and Aunt Carma (who took this picture)...



me. :)

We were so busy talking when I was there we didn't take one picture. 
It was good to be with them for a couple of days.
Thanks so much, Amanda and Dan and Carma, for loving us/them and taking time to visit
and drop off items they needed from home. 

We are so blessed... the longer I live the more I realize it.
I guess much of the world doesn't experience the kind of love we do.
It makes me ache, and I want to fix it!
But that is easier said than done.

While I don't care for the music to the lyrics that come to mind, 
when I was about 20, I had what they call a "fake" book, and I sang a song from it that was entitled
"Love of Another Kind."
This music book was a large spiral bound book of songs that just had lyrics, melody, and chords.
I learned many songs from that book, some of which I later heard as originally recorded.
I highly preferred my versions of many of the songs as they excluded screaming guitars and pounding drums. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some lyrics that need to have more aggressive music. If I write a song that says, "Satin, get behind me!" I'm not going to accompany it with music that sounds like "Lead me gently home, Father." All that said, this song I'm thinking of has great lyrics. Just don't bother looking it up to hear it. It'll likely ruin it for you. 

They say love is cruel
They say love is rather fragile
But I've found in You
A love of another kind

They say love brings hurt
I say love brings healing
Understanding first
It's a love of another kind

They say love won't last
I say love is never ending
Cause in You I have
A love of another kind

The love I know
Is a love so few discover
They need to know
Jesus' love is like no other

They would change their tune
           They would sing another measure
If they only knew
 The love of another kind

The love I know
Is a love so few discover
They need to know
Jesus' love is like no other

~by Richard Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick, 
Amy Grant, and Gary Chapman

I pray YOU, my dear reader, have found His love 
demonstrated by those you call friends, family--your loved ones. 
If you have you too are truly blessed.