Friday, August 30, 2013

Empty Nest - Cozy Abode

The days have gently slipped by.

Organizing, putting things in place, discarding, 
sharing with others what we no longer need, 
this has been a profitable week for me.

Curt was away at Farm Progress Show,
and so it was just me and the house.

Of course, numerous dear friends and family members
wrote me encouraging notes. Several invited me to supper.
The girls texted often, called at least once a day, 
and Face-timed some. 

I'm blessed.

This morning was my first (empty nest) meal with Curt.
I set up a cozy corner where we could eat and play games.
I enjoyed our breakfast for two.
After all, we are best friends.
We share so many values and perspectives;
talking and sharing our thoughts with each other is as natural as breathing.

Someone recently asked me for the list of questions Curt and I 
came up with when we were getting to know each other. 
I found a PDF copy and read through them.
It was fascinating to recall all the issues we worked through
before we were married. I'm so glad we did!

Have we had to learn some things along the way? Absolutely.
We tried to understand ourselves and come to oneness of mind
as best we could, but that process is still going on. 

I'm deeply grateful that my husband is committed to pursuing truth,
and that as he has understood himself and God, he has faced every
issue and surrendered fully to the will of God.
Did I say, "I'm blessed"?

One of the keys to our continual growth is the people we have surrounded ourselves with.
Our church family is a constant encouragement; they motivate and challenge us in our walk with God!
Thank you, precious fellow-believers!

Thank You, Abba, for helping us. We do not know specifically how much You have been involved in the details of our choices and blessings, but we thank You, because we are convinced, from the message that Jesus brought, that You deeply care. We believe You do protect and guide as needed, and we are ever grateful.