Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Baby and College--It's Official Now!

These two munchkins are officially going to get to be together for the next two years while LaRae finishes up her junior and senior year at college and Rachelle begins her first two years. It's official as of today! Rachelle will happily join her big sis this fall. They are both very, very happy. Curt and I are happy for them. : )

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for their diligence and dedication. They have applied their minds to study, prepared themselves as best they knew how, and have already begun to reap the benefits. We are grateful their commitment to prepare themselves for life is based in personal accountability to and trust in Jesus Christ. That takes away any fear about the future. 

Thank You, Abba for Your help over these unforgettable years. Our precious treasures will both be in Your hands now. We trust them to Your care since we cannot be with them like we always have. We pray You will guide them around the pitfalls, the landmines, and may You use them to show Your goodness, Your beauty, and Your love.