Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Activity

What a week... Monday through Friday at the annual church convention we record and run sound for and then Saturday through Monday in Michigan with LaRae. She was busy writing a paper and doing homework most of the time I was there, but I enjoyed reading and just being with her in her room while she worked. Then I got to enjoy her college choir concert. She is in the front row, far left in the picture below. This may be the only semester she has time for choir, but I was happy she got at least one semester of it. The concert was held at the College Baptist Church. It's a beautiful old building with amazing sound!

The picture above is at IHC. My brother, Keith is in the middle, running all the recording/editing equipment. 
He hires a couple of friends to run the sound board. Curt is at his right. Curt is his handy man and actually is able to get quite a bit of his own office work done while still being available to help Keith as needed. In this picture, you can see the mass choir and a mass orchestra on stage. Rachelle enjoyed joining the orchestra this year. It'll be her last year at IHC for a while since she leaves for college in the fall. 

I hope you are enjoying these spring days like I am!