Monday, March 4, 2013

Remembering With a Smile

Rachelle and a pile of books

Curt and I were recently reminiscing fond memories of early parenting.

Classical music (a high concentration of Mozart) played continually in our home long before the girls were born. Actually, that practice continues still twenty years later! The girls slept with quiet mellow classical music constantly playing in the background of their bedrooms when they were babies.

We had a routine every night and every nap up till they were about two. Curt or I sang Dr. Seuss's A-B-C book to the tune of Twinkle as we patted them in rhythm. We learned with LaRae that it was best to stop with one time through since it became a "go-to-sleep crutch." We realized we were potentially going to be having to help get her to sleep this way when she was 15 if we kept it up! :) We remember LaRae saying, "AB's?" many a night as soon as we placed her in her crib.  Both girls read very early. I don't know for sure, but this might have helped.

LaRae was our early talker. A constant one! : ) She would try to say something any time we suggested, "Say please" or "Say thank you," etc. Please first came out "puh" and then "piece." Thank you was "nee" and no, thank you was "no-nee." Before she actually got to regularly saying "No, thank you," she said "No-nee, thank you" for a while.

Children are delightfully unique, aren't they?!

For the life of me, I don't know where she picked it up, but LaRae had a southern draw when she walked around as a toddler talking to me. She would say, "Maaawmuh..." I remember thinking, "Can I change my name? If I hear 'Maaawmuh' one more time, I'm going to climb the wall!" I never did, and I survived. She still talks to me every day. I'm really glad I hung around and listened pretty carefully even when the conversations weren't quite so intriguing as they are now. :)

Rachelle and her little red chair
Rachelle was our more quiet child early on. She would sit on the floor with a pile of picture books and enjoy them for the longest time. She loved Lego's too. She had a little red chair she pushed around all over the house where we have wood floor. I never figured out why in the world that was so much fun. She was walking well at that point, but she just enjoyed pushing that chair around for some reason.: ) She spent quite a bit of time watching her big sister's educational endeavors as well. She was picking up a lot even when she was silent.

So many warm memories... make me smile.