Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rachelle's Antics

 I found these pics of Rachelle pushing her little red chair around like I told you yesterday. 

As I was looking through albums, I decided to scan and share some other memories. 
Those of you who know Rachelle now will probably enjoy knowing she was a goofy cut-up early on!
She brought us all much laughter and joy.

Rachelle entertaining Dorinda and Carma with funny faces.
 She was also forever climbing up on things. But once she got to the top of whatever she was climbing, she was often afraid, so I'd have to run to the rescue!

Rachelle (on top of the activity table!) with Dorinda at IHC... 

I'm wondering just where LaRae put the mouse!
Those little feet look like they are smack dab in the way. :)