Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Parenting: Books, Coloring and Painting, Neatness

Books have always been a major focus in our home.
When I was pregnant with LaRae, Curt read Winnie The Pooh aloud to us.
 As soon as the girls were barely able to sit up, we read to them. 
If they were fidgety, we had them sit still a small amount of time 
and gradually increased the time as they matured.

I always loved this scene...

 It wasn't long before these scenes were typical. 

I'm sure my girlfriends will get a kick out of this painting pic.
Rachelle with a (necessary) bib on...
Newspaper carefully placed under the painting project--especially Rachelle's! ;) 
Hair carefully pinned back...
My preventive style parenting on display. :)

I challenged the girls to stay in the lines as soon as they first picked up a color.
I showed them the difference between scribbling and coloring neatly and talked about how neatness is a beautiful characteristic of a person who wants to help keep God's wonderful world in order. 
They took the challenge... at least most of the time. : )
I didn't make it a "law," just a goal. Overall, they seem to have embraced the "neatness" goal.

I'm thankful.

Happy Wednesday!