Monday, March 11, 2013

Life and Joy

Yesterday was Rachelle's next to last St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra concert for the season.
Here she is with her Grandma Ferguson. As always, we enjoyed the music, the hall, and being together with dear friends and family as we enjoyed God's amazing gift of music.

Here is Rachelle in her first year of life... She had already eaten, but we wanted her right up on the counter near us as we ate. 

Children bring so much joy.
I thank God for them again and again...
What an amazing Creator!

I've been contemplating my future quite a bit lately. It hit me the other day that as a stay at home mom, my days have been so full and preoccupied with nurturing, educating, instilling values, and simply building relationships with my children for the past 20 years that I didn't have to decide on a moment by moment basis what should happen next. The schedule was often laid out for me due to the necessary demands of child rearing. 

But once they are both off to college, my time will suddenly be much more unclaimed.
It's no wonder I feel the need to plan, to prepare, to decide what my priorities should now be.
It's certainly a transition time, and there is an obvious letting go of what has been, but it's OK. 
I have a sense of peace, and I'm excited about the next adventure for them as well as myself.

Life is truly a joy to live! Happy Monday!