Friday, March 8, 2013

Gentle But Intentional Parenting

Guess who is in my flowers?

My cool-cats are enjoying a cookie while they play outside in this photo. 
Well, Rachelle is enjoying part of a cookie since some of it is dribbling down her chin. :)

Curt couldn't resist asking his girls to play with trucks from his boyhood... 
at least this one time, if I remember correctly. 
They seem to be more intrigued by the sand than the trucks. :)

The girls started enjoying puzzles somewhere around two years of age. I remember the day we brought Rachelle home from the hospital (2 years after LaRae was born) LaRae was anxious to show us one of her completed puzzles. 

I tried to buy the girls games and toys that developed their motor skills as well as mental skills, and I played with them a lot on these sorts of things in the early years. No doubt, such "play" helped promote attention to detail and ability to focus. 

It seemed to have a huge impact when Mom or Dad played any kind of game with you! : )

Happy Thursday,