Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday News

A few years ago... I can't help but reminisce once in a while.
A lot has been happening around here lately!

Rachelle was notified yesterday that she is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. The next and last step is to be a National Merit Scholar. That will depend (partly) on where she goes to college. We are waiting for the acceptance letter to the last college to which she applied. Once that comes, we will schedule her last music scholarship audition and campus visit. Hopefully, in another couple of months her fall college destination will be decided. (I don't like limbo!)

LaRae made the Dean's list again. She had all A's--even three A+'s--and took 21 hours last semester. I think she's still doing okay with college work. : )  That's always a happy relief to a homeschooling mom!

We recently learned Rae was one of the top winners for the concerto competition at school, so she will get the privilege of being accompanied by the college orchestra on the May 9th & 10th, 8:00 PM concerts.

She has a Violin Virtuoso Concert next Thursday night, and for the first time she's required to wear a formal dress that isn't black. How many of you have tried to find a modest formal dress? I'm talking modest-modest... the kind of modest that looks innocent and sweet, not sleazy and seductive. Believe me, it's not easy! We found one somewhere over in China or Hong-Kong or some far away place like that and had sleeves added. It's pretty sweet. : ) If you happen to be looking for one, let me know, and I'll give you the website.

On top of the girls' happenings, we've had lots of doctor appointments for deteriorating body parts! :) My eyes both have the start of cataracts and are needing glasses with stronger lenses, Curt's mom is in the hospital with sinus infection she has been having trouble getting rid of, and my dad has had shoulder pain which seems to be getting better after getting a shot but will no doubt plague him from time to time since it's arthritic. I think we are all just pretty happy that this life is not the real one!

Happy Wednesday!